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Wine Buddy 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio White Wine Kit

Wine Buddy 30 Bottle Pinot Grigio White Wine Kit


Ready In 7 Days - Prices Include Delivery

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WineBuddy White Wine Refill - Pinot Grigio, 30 bottle / 7 day kit .

Make in just 7 days!

Start on Monday – Drink on Sunday! Sterilize home brew equipment kit, mix ingredients (do not forget the sugar 4,5Kg) and begin fermentation on Monday, 5 - 6 days later add finings & stabiliser to clear the wine, bottle and drink after 7 days.

This wine kit has all the ingredients to make Pinot Grigio Wine in just 7 days, just add water and sugar (4.5Kgs). Brewing sugar is best it will give a lot cleaner taste, that you will thank me for !

A lovely crisp Italian white wine addition to the range, pale in colour with delicate flavour of pear and grassy undertones.  An easy drinking wine to be enjoyed

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