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Hoppy & Glorious Home Brew Beer Kit

Hoppy & Glorious Home Brew Beer Kit


Copy of Green King IPA Brews 40 Pints

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Best Before March 2018 (They are rebranding)

English IPA

Hoppy & Glorious combines the best ingredients from America with those from Britain & it is claimed very similar to Green King IPA.


Pours a deep gold with a fluffy head.


Fresh and zingy citrus hop aroma, with a rich, malty backbone.


Rich and malty with earthy, floral notes and a hint of spice. Malt sweetness  is balanced by a pleasant lingering bitterness.


Malt Extract (Barley), Dextrose Monohydrate, Hops, Dried Brewing Yeast, Hop Extract.

Hoppy and Glorious is designed to brew to 5% abv, but with all home brew it will knock your socks off.

3.4 Kg

Hoppy & Glorious a great new beer to start 2016, Early reports say it tastes like Greene King Abbotts IPA.

Basic Home Brew Equipment needed.

Free Postage to all UK

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