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Young's American Oaked Rum Ale Craft Ale New ORA 6.5% ABV

Young's American Oaked Rum Ale Craft Ale New ORA 6.5% ABV


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Young's American Craft Beer Kit

America has long been a country of bland beers propped up by excellent marketing. Now a revolution of craft breweries and brewpubs are changing the Ale landscape characterised by liberally dry hopping their beers. ABV is also on the rise with 5% being the low end of the scale. 

Most home brew beer kits give you liquid malt extract and a packet of yeast. This Craft Beer kit gives you:-

Liquid malt extract

Brewing sugar if needed

a generous packet of yeast specific to the style of ale

priming sugar

detailed instructions

Don't be put off by perceived complexity, these kits are made the same way. That simple.

 American Oaked Rum Ale 6.5% ABV

Oak and deep toffee caramel dominate the aroma of this beer, there are hints of rum that promise further delights. On the palate this beer has a complex array of flavours, all at once it’s malty, has a strong vanilla and oak character and has a subtle sweet rum character that overarches the beer and holds it all together, delicious.

Basic Home Brew Equipment Required

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