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Cider Press 9 Litre Spindle Press Apple Press

Cider Press 9 Litre Spindle Press Apple Press


Built for a Life Time - Cast Iron Press

Quantity:  at  £150.00  each

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9 Litre Cast Iron Press, manufactured by Vigo who have featured on "Gardens World"  and by appointment to the Queen.

This is not a cheap press thats going to fall apart after one season.  Built for life.

Small but perfectly formed, this traditional press is made from the best very best materials and should last a lifetime.  With the base plate, spindle nut and legs made from robust cast iron and a sustainable beech pressing cage, this sturdy little press can make 7 litres juice an hour.  Any of Vigo crushers will fit over the 27.5 litre bucket.  Holds up to 8.5 kg go crushed fruit, producing 3.5 litres of juice per pressing.  Suitable for any soft fruit.

Simple to use, just fill the cage with crushed fruit, assemble the semi-circular pressing plates and the large iron nut and use the bar to screw down.  Juice flows out of the pressing cage into the base plate for collection.

Weight 14 kg

Height 59 cm

Width 36 cm

Cage diameter 23.5 cm

Free Shipping to all UK mainland, Highlands or Overwater please contact me for a price.

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