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BrewBuddy Home Brew Starter Kit Cider

BrewBuddy Home Brew Starter Kit Cider


Ideal Gift to Start Home Brewing

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The Brewbuddy Home Brew Cider Starter Kit is conveniently packaged in a nice presentation box, making it ideal as a gift.  The kit includes all the equipment you need to make 40 pints of Cider within 3 weeks.

The kit includes:
25 litre fermentation vessel and lid
Syphon clip
A tin of malt suitable for Cider.
A pack of specialist yeast
Pack of sterliser
Easy to follow instructions

This kit will last you many brews you just need to buy the refills.  You need to add Sugar, water and some bottles (fizzy drink bottles) to store the beer in

Oh and a glass to enjoy your endeavor.

Free Shipping Via My Hermes to al UK.

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