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Brewferm Grand Cru

Brewferm Grand Cru


Makes 16 Pints

Quantity:  at  £10.99  each

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Brewferm Grand Cru beer is a golden opal coloured beer with a strong malt flavour with fruity overtones and a pleasant spicy aroma. This kit is aimed at the connoisseur who will cherish its rich concentrated flavour and high alcoholic strength (8% ABV). Patience should be one of your strong points as this kit requires a lengthy period of time to mature develop its robust character to its fullest potential.

Brewferm produce real Belgian beer kits made from 100% pure malt extract, according to their original Belgian recipes. Other special ingredients such as flakes, herbs and even fruit are added to acheive the special aromas and flavours of this tiny european country.

8% ABV be careful!!

Requires Brewing Sugar.

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