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Woodfordes Admiral Reserve 3kg

Woodfordes Admiral Reserve 3kg


Makes 32 Pints of Wonderful Home brew

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"One of the Most Reliable Kits & Tastes Great"

Woodfordes Admiral Reserve is the big brother of Wherry, a richer, deeper flavour, 4.5% beer is brewed in the traditional English strong ale style. Launched as a pub beer in April 2002 to celebrate Woodforde's 21st Anniversary (1981-2002). It's now available as a home brew kit.

The solid and generous sweet fruit flavours blend intimately with the luscious malted barley creating a complex and extremely satisfying dark chestnut-coloured beer. The combination of malt and the full hop flavour gives a long dry finish. This beer is both wonderfully, and dangerously, drinkable.

This is a 3kg kit with additional hop extract.  New variation makes 32 pints

Taste Like
Fullers London Pride

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