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Woodfordes Nog Porter Style 3kg

Woodfordes Nog Porter Style 3kg


Makes 40 Pints of Old Dark Ale

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Woodforde's Dark Porter Style Home Brew Kit.

Not tried it myself (on my list) but a popular seller.

Traditionally known for being a strong beer brewed in East Anglia. Norfolk NOG is an excellent example of a strong 'Old' ale

This reddish beer has an initial explosion of roast malt bitterness. This settles down, as a malty sweetness makes its presence felt. Maintains a dominant roast dryness to the end.

This is a 3kg Home Brew Kit that requires not additional fermentables.

Champion Old Ale of Britain 1992/93
Supreme Champion Beer of Britain 1992/93 

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Basic Home Brew Equipment Required

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