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Why Should I Use Brewing Sugar

A lot of receipes and kits require the addition of sugar, you can use standard granulated sugar and many brewers are happy with the results.  The next stage is to use an alternative such as, brewing sugar (dextrose), coloured sugar, honey, golden syrup, treacle, liquid malt extract (LME), dried malt extract (DME), brew enhancer, (or any mixture) all will alter/enhance the final brew.

Brewing sugar (Dextrose) is a simple sugar, that the yeast will find easier to breakdown and feed on to make alcohol, you should see your fermentation start quicker and the final result taste less sweet than using granulated sugar, as more of the sugar will have turned into alcohol.

Malt extracts either dry or liquid are made from similar ingredients to most beer kits and will produce a richer flavoured and fuller bodied beer than using simple sugars. DME is approximately 20% more concerntrated than LME so you will have to adjust your quantities to avoid a over sweet brew.

Brew enhancer, is basically 50/50 brewing sugar and DME, so will produce a half way house in richerness and body of your beer.